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The Best Security Plugin

Get email alerts whenever something suspicious happens!

Create whitelists and blacklists by IP (dynamic!)

Scan your posts for malware link injection

Allow only certain users to activate plugins

Admin dashboard shows you who logged in, from what IP

The plugin informs you of brute-force attacks via mail

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DynDNS Support

Our plugin is the only plugin that allows you to create whitelists for dynamic IP's from a provider like

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Get Real-Time Alerts 24/7

You are traveling a lot? Get updates 24/7 whenever something happens. Our plugin can send emails when a login fails, when a theme file changes, when someone logs in from an unknown IP and most importantly when someone activates a plugin!

See Who Logged In

You are afraid that someone else already gained access? Our plugin shows you the last 10 IP's that logged in right on the Wordpress dashboard. How awesome is that? You can also manage all plugin settings right from the dashboard.

Restrict Access By IP

You want to know when people try to brute-force their way into your Wordpress installation or allow only certain IP's to log into the admin area? Sure, our plugin can do that! It even supports dynamic IP's

Vulnerability Analysis

You want to know more about possibly exploitable settings on your server? Our plugin will check your server for weaknesses and help you fix them

Add Plugin Moderators

Hackers will try to activate new plugins once they gained access. With our plugin you can allow only certain users to activate plugins. Handy!

Scan For Malware Injection

When Google finds malware links on your site it's already too late. Use our plugin to be pro-active and simply add a cronjob that will auto-scan your blog.

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About Us

Triagis Ltd. brings you the best security plugin for Wordpress, data recovery tools, encryption software and web services to protect and monetize your online assets.

We have multiple years of experience with securing Wordpress sites and know the common pitfalls and will help you to protect your online assets. If you want to be pro-activate, there is no way around Triagis today.

What is your blog worth to you?

Would you rather spend a small fee per year on a plugin or lose big money when your entire sites goes down for an extended period. We know how frustrating it can be to run an online business and being informed 24/7 is absolutely essential, therefore our plugin is really a no-brainer

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