The young company behind the products you find on this site is currently located in the lovely town Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city:


Image: Hamburg – Source: FlicR User Metro Centric

Triagis Ltd. has a lot of experience in making the WordPress publishing platfmore more secure. Because we did not find a good plugin that alerts you when something suspicious happens, we created Triagis and various other products to protect your online business. Most plugins only scan your blog AFTER something happened or check for security information. Our plugin goes far beyond that and can actually prevent hack attacks and in a worst case scenario you will be immediately notified that someone successfully hacked into your blog, giving you enough time to take down the site for “special maintenance”. If you require assistance in such a case, you can hire us too.

Our plugin also logs IP addresses, which is critical if you want to legally pursue any hack attempts. However, we highly recommend that you create whitelists, so only you and trusted members can log into your administration area to prevent any mischief in the first place.

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