Anti-Brute-Force: Create IP blacklists for your WordPress blog and blacklist IP’s after X invalid login attempts

Hackers will brute-force attack you until they have achieved what they came for – well, with Triagis you receive another extra-protection from brute-force attacks! Triagis has a built-in blacklist feature that works very similar to the IP Whitelist feature. You can either manually add bad IP’s of known hackers and spammers or it will automatically add IP addresses with a certain number of invalid login attempts defined by you.

Anti Brute Force Attack In WordPress2.png

Making it more difficult for hackers to get access to your site is a big plus and we believe Triagis can ACTIVELY help you to do just that. In fact, we’re very convinced that Triagis covers most basic site attacks (server attacks are another story and any server-protection features that will be added to later builds will be added for free!)

Here’s what a typical failed login notification will look like:

User Login From Unknown IP at Your Blog.
Ip Address:
HTTP referer:
User Name: hacker.
User ID: 66.
Login at: Monday, 06-May-13 @ 1:15:45 pm.


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