Anti-Brute-Force: Get instant e-Mails when a WordPress theme file changes or a login fails!

Triagis not only can scan your posts for malware. Hackers often change theme files as soon as they have access to your server and then add some obfuscated code (usually base64 decoded). It’s pretty annoying if you have to go through 100’s of theme files. Thanks to Triagis you will not only get notified when a theme file changes, but also exactly what file

Triagis Detects Exactly What Files Were Changed

Here’s what you will receive straight to your inbox as soon as Triagis detects a modification:

Following files have been changed at ‘Your Website’ of WordPress theme ‘Twentyten WordPress Theme’.

File: /home/site/public_html/wp-content/themes/twentyten/header.php
modified: [29th, Apr 2013 02:12:34 am] size: [7609 bytes]
last stable time: [7th, Sep 2012 01:40:55 am] previous size: [7516 bytes]

This will help you to detect any changes. In a next build we will also add the exact lines that changed to make it even more convenient!

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