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Fellow WordPress User,

So many of us have fallen in love with WordPress. It’s features, it’s ease-of-use, it’s simplicity, and the speed with which we’re able to put up amazing websites. WordPress (WP) has become the #1 CMS (Content Management System) in the world for a reason… it’s the best, hands down. However, all CMS’s suffer from the same basic problem… They all lack security.

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It’s just too easy for someone who knows what they’re doing to be able to gain access to your site… and once they’re in, they’re in. They can do whatever it is they want. They can uninstall or install plugins, tear down posts, take down entire pages, steal data, or make the site say literally whatever they want.

So, how do we stop them? How do we make sure our blog stays safe, when hackers are banging at the door? Well, this is nearly impossible to do just with WordPress itself, so, we need to make sure we have a program that takes care of it for us. The problem? A good WordPress security plugin is VERY hard to find. I would know, because I tried myself to find one for a long time…

I searched high and low and I simply couldn’t find a solution that met my needs…

Some just didn’t offer the protection I needed, others were just way too expensive, or they simply had very little to offer in general.

So, I decided it would be alright for me to just go without security in WordPress for a little while. As you might imagine, this turned out to be a huge mistake. I was alright for a while, but sure enough, my site got hacked and it was a total nightmare. A strange thing I’ve learned about hackers over the years about hackers over the years… I’ve found that anyone who’s willing to take the time out of their day to hack into your site or whatever it might be, wants to absolutely, positively, do as much damage as humanly possible once they get in there. It’s rare that someone gets into your site, and just browses around a bit, and doesn’t touch anything, or goes in there just to change a few things as a practical joke. No, I’ve found that when they go in there they go in there to do some REAL damage.

Luckily for me, I was able to recover from this incident, but I knew I had a problem. I obviously needed to protect my WordPress sites, but there was simply no good security plugins available. So, what did I do? Well, as the saying goes… “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”. And so, that’s exactly what I did.

I decided to design a WP plugin that would cover all the important bases of security. It was important to me that if I, or anyone else, decided to install it, they wouldn’t have to worry about their sites getting destroyed by hackers ever again. That was what I had in mind when I designed Triagis, and that’s what Triagis has been all about since day one, plain and simple. And luckily, it worked.

Maybe you’ve never been attacked, maybe none of your sites have ever been destroyed by hackers, or maybe they have. Either way, I think we can all agree that it’s a real possibility for all of us, and for whatever reason, WordPress sites seem to be getting attacked more and more recently. It may be because people can just type in your site URL and then type in “/wp-admin” and know immediately if it’s a WP site or not, OR, perhaps it’s because WP doesn’t offer great security to begin with… but one way or another, hackers are trying to get in, and it’s our job to stop them.

That being said, how then do you protect yourself? How do you keep hackers from getting inside, and having their way with your websites? Well, what if I told you that you could pay a one-time, low yearly fee, and your site would be safe FOR good… and protected on many different levels as well.

If you have virtual assets on WordPress that are important to you, you don’t need to live day by day, wondering if they’re safe, or if somebody’s going to break in and destroy what you’ve worked so hard to create and maintain…

You can instead have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your online assets are being vigilantly protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A friend of mine had been the victim of several different attacks (he owns a lot of web assets), and this is in spite of using other WordPress security plugins. On one occasion, one of these hackers got into his main site and did some serious damage, pulling down and deleting several posts and pages, activating all these insane plugins, installing malware, and basically making his life much harder than it had to be. On another valuable web asset, something similar was happening, and it happened within the same week, which left us with one conclusion: for some reason, he was being targeted though, we certainly didn’t know why. He was a good guy, and never really made himself too many enemies…

So, I offered to give him Triagis, just to test it out, so he could see if it stopped him from getting any more of these attacks. So, I gave him access, and he installed the program, and then I just spent a few minutes with him, helping to go over the basic featured of the plugin, and giving him a quick walk through on how to use it. Within about 20 minutes, he was all set up, and he knew the software through and through. He’d configured it exactly how he needed to. So, what happened, you ask?

Immediately after, all the attacks ceased entirely! It was like being surrounded by a whirlwind, that immediately went still, allowing him to finally take a breath of fresh air for the first time in months. The attacks stopped, and he stopped feeling like he had to constantly monitor his blogs every two seconds, just to make sure another hacker wasn’t in there running the show. He finally felt like he could relax, and so that’s exactly what he did.

However, we were obviously dealing with one VERY skilled, and very persistent hacker, because a few months later, he DID somehow manage to get into one of my friends more minor web assets… Now, let me explain something to you. Had this happened, and he was using another plugin, again, the hacker would’ve gotten in, and my friend would’ve been completely and utterly oblivious to it, till it was too late. His site would’ve been destroyed before he even knew someone was there. Sorry.

Luckily for him however, he was using the only plugin on the market that would allow him to be notified immediately if anything like this should happen. So, he was indeed notified, and he took the site down right away before the hacker even had a chance to do any real damage, my friend was able to take the site down, undo the minor bits of damage that were there, and get his site back up and running in the blink of an eye… He was also able to change just a few of the settings to make sure that this sort of thing would never happen to him on that site again. This was a long time ago and still my friend has yet to receive even the slightest wink of an attack on any of his WordPress web assets.

Would you like to be able to know that if a hacker targets you and your sites, you’ll always be safe and secure, just like my friend? In order to do that, you’re going to need a superior WordPress security plugin, and I’m going to explain to you right now, just why Triagis is the best one on the market to date.

Now, I’ll be the first one to admit, there are other options… Afterall Triagis isn’t the one and only WordPress security plugin in the world is it? No, of course not. So, why would you want Triagis over any other WordPress security plugin? Well, Triagis will turn you into the ultimate power user. A power user, being someone who doesn’t just wait for something bad to happen, and then deal with it then, no. So what is a power user? Someone who is really proactive about keeping their web assets secure.

How does Triagis do this? Well before we get into that, let me explain something to you first. See, before, WordPress sites were OK as far as being exposed to Malware was concerned. And now, it’s become a BIG problem to say the least, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up… Instead, it’s spreading like an online plague. But don’t take my word for it. No, do the research yourself, and you’ll quickly find that more and more sites are being exposed, exploited, and quite frankly destroyed, on a daily basis. Why become one of these victims (if you haven’t been targeted already)?

After you install Triagis, you’ll have the one and only plugin available for WordPress that actually offers malware and spam lists which are updated MONTHLY.

What does this mean to you? You never have to worry about a spam or malware link being uploaded to your blog. Ever. Triagis will scan your entire blog from top to bottom to make sure that there’s no suspicious links anywhere to be found. It can scan over TEN THOUSAND posts on your blog, so even if you have a MASSIVE blog, you’re absolutely 100% covered.

To make things even easier on you, you don’t have to do this manually either. After just one manual setup, you’re all set for good, because you can set it up do scans as often or as little as you want automatically, so you can count on it being there for you without you needing to worry about its constant management. We recommend of course, that you do this daily, but you can set it up to do this search much less frequently if you want it to as well.

So then, why is this such a HUGE benefit to your blogs? Well first of all, let me point out that Google accounts for about 80% of ALL search engine traffic on the net. Why is this important? Well, because most people on the web get a significant amount of their traffic from Google (search engine traffic). Chances are, you’re one of these people. So, what’s the problem exactly? Google is constantly using little software programs called “spiders” in order to look at every single page on your website, and Google keeps a massive list of spam and malware links (just as we do).

Now, what happens if Google crawls your website, and it find one of these links? You’re site is DONE for. It will be blacklisted from the search engine for good, and you can kiss any hope at getting search engine rankings goodbye. Period…

Of course, this may not even be your fault at all. Someone could have just logged into your site, uploaded these links, and then left without leaving a trace. Now, if you were using ANY other WordPress security plugin, then you wouldn’t know about it until this until was too late. This is why it’s IMPORTANT that you make sure your site is scanned FREQUENTLY, because if you don’t, then you could lose your search engine rankings permanently. Google isn’t going to care that someone ELSE uploaded it to your site, because they’ll have absolutely nothing to do with it. This is one of the reasons why people trust Google, they almost NEVER have links on their search engine to unsafe sites. However you won’t need to worry about it, simply because…

This plugin will turn you into a true, proactive power user…

So don’t let anything like that happen to you. While other people are waiting for Google to find their bad links, and then ban them from the search engine for good, you’re not going to have to worry about it. If you don’t think something like this will happen to you, think again… it happens more often than you might think.

Before we go any further, let’s take a closer look at exactly what this will look like in your Triagis back-end, so you can see exactly what you’re getting with this feature:

Enlarge Picture

So, what else makes Triagis stand head and shoulders above the rest? Well, it can not only scan your blogs for malware, it can also alert you when hackers have gotten into your site, and changed a theme file. It will alert of thisimmediately. Again, this is one feature you will ONLY get with Triagis. Why is this important to you? Well, hackers have made the habit of breaking into people’s WordPress sites, and because they know the theme file is all important in WordPress, they’ll immediately go in and try to make changes to it to destroy your site.

So, imagine this… A hacker manages to break into your site, (they probably won’t to begin with because of other Triagis features, but let’s pretend for a moment) and they decide to edit your theme file, and make all kinds of weird changes to it… They delete some of the important code, they add some of their own insane code… and all this for a good laugh.

Well, theme files can be HUGE, so now you have to first figure out that it was in fact the theme file they played around with, and then, once you’ve been able to determine that, now you have to go through the entire theme file line by line, and try to remember what each and every line of code looked like before, and then try to find the code that’s been changed, added to, or deleted. I don’t know about you, but my time is valuable and this could take DAYS. And, if you’re not a coding expert, then you’ll most likely have to hire one, and that could cost you a fortune (and your blog will STILL be offline for a good long while they try and fix it).

Now alternatively, what if you had Triagis? How would this go exactly? Well, someone breaks into your site, and you’re informed IMMEDIATELY that someone is in there. Not only that, the plugin will also tell you exactly what files were changed (this alone can save you or your coder hours), and last but not least, you’ll soon also be told EXACTLY what in the file was changed as well (coming in an update in the near future) so no need to dig through it to pin-point what was changed, all while trying to remember exactly what it looked like before.

If something like this were to happen to you now, your WP blog would be down for DAYS most likely, or even weeks… And you probably don’t want to look like you’re THAT unreliable and shaky to all your visitors do you? Of course not. If this happens to you Triagis will turn what would normally take days or weeks into just minutes of work for you, until your site is back online and ready to go. Again, and I can’t stress this enough, this is a feature you’ll ONLY get with Triagis.

So, if this happens to you, would you like to be prepared, so you can deal with it immediately, or would you rather risk it, and just HOPE that a hacker never gets in and damages your theme files? The choice is yours, but having been someone who’s experienced this personally, I hope you make the right one, so you never have to worry about this happening to you.

Let’s take a look real quick at what this will actually look like in your back-end, after you order Triagis:

Enlarge Picture

So far, we’ve talked a lot about how you can handle it when someone does X to your blog, or somebody does Y to your blog, but let me ask you this…

What if you could virtually GUARANTEE that no one who you don’t want getting into your blog gets in there, ever?

Well, with Triagis, you’ll be able to make it nearly impossible for hackers to get into the blog in the first place… How?

Well, every user on the net has an “IP address” which is basically an address that shows exactly where you’re coming from. Now, we can use this to our advantage with Triagis. Instead of trying to just use some “complicated” password to try and prevent hackers (and some hackers can get through just about any password), Triagis will make it so that NO ONE can log into your blog UNLESS they’re coming from your IP address (or another approved IP).

What this means for you, is that unless someone gets PHYSICAL access to your computer, or someone’s computer who is also on your approved IP list, they WILL NOT under any circumstances, be able to gain access to your site (if you’re using a dynamic IP).

Now, you have static IP’s (which always remain the same), and dynamic IP’s (which change frequently), and unfortunately, if you’re using a static IP, some intelligent hackers will be able to fake the IP address, and STILL get access to the site. But don’t worry… we had this in mind when we designed Triagis, so you’ll have a way around this to.

Using a site called dynDNS (dyndns.org), you’ll be able to sign up to get a dynamic IP address that can literally CHANGE every 5 minutes! You can then input this dyndns dynamic IP address into Triagis, and then ONLY YOU will be able to access your blog no matter what. So, if you have a web asset that you’re REALLY looking to protect, and you’re the only one who needs access to it, you can make your dynamic IP, and ONLY your dynamic IP, the ONLY one that has access to your WP site.

While there are some ways that a hacker could get a hold of your static IP, and log in THAT way, NO ONE, and I mean no one, is going to get access to a dynamic IP that changes every 5 minutes and gain access before it changes again. It simply takes too long to get a hold of an IP address… by the time they get it, it would’ve already changed. Neat, huh?

So, what does this mean exactly for you?…

It means no one other than you (if you so choose) will ever have any reasonable chance of getting into your blog…

And, if you want to allow only a few other people to gain access, then you can give access to them as well. Nothing gives more peace of mind than knowing no one who isn’t approved will be logging into your site, am I right? Once you’ve ordered Triagis, you’re going to have this power at your fingertips as well.

Let me now show you just how simple this is to configure by showing you a screenshot of what this will look like in your Triagis back-end:

Enlarge Picture

Now, what if you don’t exactly want to go so far as to ONLY allow whitelisted IP’s addresses, but you still want EXTRA protection against those brute force attacks from hackers who are relentlessly trying to gain access to your site? Well, instead of whitelisting only the IP addresses you want to allow in your site, you can now BLACKLIST certain IP’s as well with Triagis. This means that when you find a known hacker, you can stop them dead in their tracks and make sure that person NEVER gets access into your site.

Some hackers will just be relentless trying to guess your password over and over again until they gain access. Sometimes, this can actually work (especially if you have a weak, or easy to guess password) but with Triagis, you can just blacklist their IP address, so no matter how many times they try, even if they guess your password correctly they STILL will be denied access, no matter what. Identify a hacker’s IP address, and with Triagis, that hacker will never gain access again.

Instead of feeling like hackers have control over you, NOW, you’ll be able to get some control over them, by making sure that any efforts to get into your blog just turn into a huge waste of time. Way to flip the tables!

So first Triagis will tell you about all the failed login attempts, and then, you can easily look at the IP addresses of these failed attempts and add them to your blacklist in only a few seconds (and we’ve made it very easy to do, even if you’re not “technical”). OR, as another great option, Triagis will AUTOMATICALLY add IP addresses to it’s blacklist after a certain number of failed login attempts (the number of which, you control) so that you can add potential hackers to your blacklist without lifting a finger, and even while you’re away from your computer… because let’s face it, you can’t ALWAYS be there at your computer to blacklist IP’s when you have to… but not a problem because Triagis has you covered.

This feature will literally have hackers banging their heads against the wall for hours, trying to get into your site…

…And as they’re trying over and over again, unsuccessfully to gain access, they’re not even aware that they’ve been blocked for good.

Another easy to use feature, here’s how simple it looks in your back-end:

Enlarge Picture

There’s a relatively new trend going on with hackers recently, when it comes to messing with peoples’ websites. They’ve learned over time, how they can do the most damage to your blog as quickly as possible. One of the “best” ways is to go through your theme files and edit them all around, but another one, which we haven’t really talked about, is their desire to add plugins to your blog. Triagis is a plugin that can and WILL immediately notify you in order to mitigate any damage in the unlikely event that someone does access to your website and begins installing plugins.

What it does (if you choose to set it up like this) is send you an INSTANT e-mail notification if your site has a plugin activated. This will allow you to immediately respond and do damage control if needed. You can shut down your server temporarily, OR, immediately let your systems administrator know what’s going on, so they can deal with it. Without Triagis, you can have a plugin running on your site that’s messing things up for a long while before you even notice what’s going on. This is something you definitely want to avoid.

Not only can you do that, but, if you have other blog administrators who you don’t fully trust (for whatever reason) you can make it so that only CERTAIN admins actually have the ability to activate plugins. You can even make it so that you’re the only one who can activate them at all, so you never have to worry about one of your administrators getting hacked, or simply taking advantage of their administrative privileges, by adding yet another safety-valve for preventing plugin abuse on your website.

The truth is, while plugins give you a lot of freedom and unique control over your website, they can also act as a double-edged sword, causing you MAJOR issues if the wrong person starts adding the wrong plugins to your site, and so, it’s important that you have a way of protecting yourself from this.

At the very least, whenever your site gets attacked, you should be notified immediately…

…so that it can be dealt with before it really starts causing your visitors a real problem. This is again, one of the many reasons why being protected by Triagis is so important for any WordPress user.

This is definitely one of the easiest features to use in Triagis… really little more than just two radio buttons… Here’s a screenshot of what you’ll see when you order Triagis:

Enlarge Picture

Another great feature included in Triagis, that very few other WordPress security plugins include, is the ability to not only prevent attacks, and be notified of any attacks that do manage to get through, BUT, you can also MONITOR all the activity that takes place on your site. This will give you valuable insights into exactly what’s going on, who’s doing what, and so on and so forth.

This is extremely helpful, because sometimes users don’t even need to hack into your site in order to cause trouble. Some users may just abuse the same page over and over again just by spamming a download link, for example, which can slow down your entire website. You’ll now be able to prevent this easily by blocking that user entirely from the site.

This will also give you a significant amount of information on every single user that visits your site.

Want to know what browser they’re using? You’re covered. Want to know what Operating System they’re using? It’ll tell you that to. It will show you exactly where they are on the site, AND, it will show you their IP address, so you can manually blacklist it, if you want to do that to. Not many plugins offer this level of comprehensive site monitoring to show you who’s doing what and where… Triagis does. Here’s a quick snapshot of what that will look like when you view it in your back-end:

Enlarge Picture

Now, let’s say an attack happened, and for whatever reason, you didn’t catch it till much later. No problem, you can still find out all you need to know about it. How? By viewing this feature within a certain date range… It will tell you exactly what the active one tells you, but only for those specific dates, so for example, you can go through it and see what happened on your site between 10-14 days ago if you wanted, and it will show you all the activity that took place during those days.

Enlarge Picture

But, what if you just want to look at something very specific, like, for example, what happened on a URL, or you want to look at a certain User Agent, or a specific person’s IP address? Can you do that to? Absolutely. The search feature you’ll have will save you a ton of time if you just need to drill-down, and look at specific information based on only the things you want to look at. Here’s a snippet of what the Search feature will look like in your back-end:

Enlarge Picture

Triagis offers state of the art monitoring that is second to none… Not only can you monitor anyone who visits any page of your site, but now, you can also monitor anyone who’s logged into your WordPress Dashboard as well. This is absolutely critical for making sure that only the people you want in there can get in. It’s a lot simpler than the previous feature, but absolutely crucial for any WordPress security plugin to have (though most of them don’t).

Triagis will even tell you the IP of anyone who logged into your dashboard at any time after you installed it, and so if you see an IP that seems suspicious, you can use the blacklisting feature to blacklist that IP address right away. See how so many of the features work together in perfect harmony, to give you that 360º of WordPress security? Very nice. And the best part about this feature? You can monitor it very easily just by putting it right on your dashboard. Want to see what this feature will look like right on your dashboard? Here it is:

Enlarge Picture

So far, we’ve gone over almost all the core features of Triagis, but, what about if you REALLY want top level security for a while, as in, you want to block everyone from getting into your site for a while? Well, you can do that to. You can block ALL users from accessing your back-end for an amount of time that you set. You can even block YOURSELF, so that literally NO ONE can get into your back-end for a given amount of time, if you’re expecting an impending attack for any reason.

Additionally, you can also block users by roles. For example, let’s say you want to keep out all of your subscribers for a while. Sure, not a problem. This can be useful if many of your subscribers are all of the sudden causing some type of mischief on your site, and for some reason you can’t figure out why, so you just need to take some time to look everything over.

You can also just block SPECIFIC users for a period of time, so, let’s say one of your writers has been acting a little suspicious lately, or, you think his account may have been compromised. Not a problem… Just block his account for a little while, monitor his activities, and take the time you need to get to the bottom of it, without having to worry about any real damage being caused to your blog in the meantime. So, last but not least, let’s look at how this feature will appear in your Triagis back-end:

Enlarge Picture

So, just to reiterate, what exactly will you be getting with Triagis?

  • State of the art Malware detection software, that will go through your entire blog, and make sure that there are no bad or spammy links that can get you kicked off Google, or the other search engines.
  • The ability to prevent “brute-force” attacks, by getting an alert when a login fails, OR when the theme file is changed in your back-end. This could save you countless hours trying to repair your theme, all the while you would have to have your site down. This looks REALLY bad to your users.
  • The ability to easily create IP whitelists for your site, so that ONLY people coming from specific IP addresses can log into your site. This will make it virtually impossible for a hacker to gain access to your site, simply because they won’t be coming from one of the approved IP addresses.
  • You’ll also be able to create BLACKLISTS for your site, that will ensure that certain people who are trying to get into your site to do damage are kept out for good.
  • If someone does manage to get into your site and activates a plugin, you’ll be notified by e-mail immediately, so you can deal with the problem. Otherwise you could end up with plugins destroying a web asset for months without you even noticing it
  • Enjoy the power of being able to monitor every single user that visits your website. You’ll be able to spot any suspicious activity among your users that may hurt your site, so you can squash it right away. Without this, these people would run rampant around your site and damage it, without you even knowing.
  • Look right at your dashboard to see exactly who has accessed the site’s back-end. If you find anyone suspicious, you can blacklist their IP, instead of letting them come back and wreak havoc whenever they want to.
  • Temporarily lock your back-end completely, not allowing anyone in, or only allowing certain people in. Enjoy greater control over who can gain access to your site’s dashboard, or just temporarily lock everyone out, including yourself. It’s now all up to you…

So, that covers all the core features that you’ll be getting after you order Triagis. As you can see, the plugin is very robust, and it literally covers ALL of your security needs, right from Malware detection to plugin activation notifications, it literally has it all…

Triagis was made simply because no other WordPress security plugin offered everything that was needed in one easy to use, user-friendly plugin, and now, there is only one.

With all this being said however, there’s probably one thing I should mention, and that is: Triagis isn’t finished, and that’s because it will always be a work in progress as we add new features, new benefits, and new technologies to make Triagis EVEN MORE user-friendly, EVEN MORE comprehensive, and EVEN MORE powerful than it is right now

Luckily for you, however, when you order Triagis you’ll be locking in all the great features and benefits that it has now, AND all of the benefits that the program will no doubt be adding in the future… FOR FREE. That’s our promise to you… a plugin that offers constant improvements, that you’ll never have to pay for again until at least 12 months after today.

That being said however, as we spend our own time and money improving the plugin, and adding all these great new features, we’ll also be increasing the price, so it will rise with the value we’re offering.

So order your copy now and lock it in at this great price so you can enjoy all the improvements for free, rather than buying later once the cost goes up (which it surely will).

Additionally, if you order right now, you’ll also get the entire YEAR of Triagis for 20% off as well… yet another great benefit you’ll receive for ordering Triagis today.

So, let me ask you this… What are your web assets worth to you? Are they worth more to you than just the measly $88.20 you’re going pay today? And… do you really feel safe going another day without the security that your web assets need to make sure they don’t get destroyed by some random hacker who’s having a bad day?

If you’re web assets are important to you, and you want to be able to go about your day, knowing their safe and protected, then order Triagis right now, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having THE top of the line WordPress security plugin, and get it at a great price.

[All orders are processed on strong encrypted servers. Our partners, FastSpring provide a top-notch platform that will deliver the product instantly. You will instantly receive the file and the license required to activate the plugin]

Your Friend,

Oliver Krautscheid

P.S: This peace of mind is as cheap as it’s ever going to be, so order now, so you won’t regret not doing so in the future…

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