Scan WordPress Posts For Malware: Be A Pro-Active Power User

With Triagis you can become the ultimate WordPress poweruser. What makes a poweruser different? He does not wait until something happens, he is >>pro-activate<< !

One Of A Kind Malware Detector!

Triagis has one of a kind feature that simply did not exist on the market until now! Malware is spreading quickly and according to recent studies more and more websites and businesses are targeted and exploited. We provide a solution to the problem: Our subscription includes monthly malware and spam lists. They only work with our plugin and allow you to scan your entire blog (yes, we support 10,000+ posts) for malware links. If you believe your site is more likely to be attacked by spammers due to the niche you are operating in, Triagis is the perfect plugin for you.

Let’s take a look at the feature in more detail:

Scan WordPress Posts For Malware2.png


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