What User Agents Are Your Site Visitors Using, What Url’s Are They Visiting And When?

Triagis does not only protect you from threats, it will give you massive insights WITHOUT the necessity to log into your server via shell and access log files manually. You can instantly see what visitors are up to. If you are experiencing an attack and they are exploiting the same page or file download over and over again you will instantly know what they are doing.

User Agent And Visitor Log Files.png

Because the visitor log is a feature not everyone would want to activate, we give you the option to enable or disable it. It is currently disabled by default and will not log ANY activity until you tell it to do so.

This logs the IP, the URL, the User Agent and the Date/time.

Often you only find out later about a DDOS or hack attack. In that case, you can use the visitor log to search for a certain date range …

Look At Specific Date Range For Visitor Access.png

.. additionally you can search for visitors by UserAgent, IP address and URL. Very handy if you have only one criteria and need more information

Search WordPress Visitor Log Files.png


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