Who accessed the WordPress backend? Administrator logs right on your dashboard!

Knowing who is accessing your WordPress backend is crucial. If you have a large team of editors you always need to know who logged in when and also make sure no unauthorized people log in. Thanks to Triagis you will now know what IP your editors use to log in. In later versions we plan to integrate a pattern identifier or something similar too. You know what else is very useful? To have those information sit right on your WordPress dashboard. That’s right, Triagis allows you to put any and all information right on your dashboard:

Know Who Accessed WordPress Admin Backend Log File.png

But of course you can also conveniently browse through your entire log files and see who access your backend. Nice and smooth:
Wordpress Admin Access Logs2.png

So, if you ever wanted to know more about your backend, grab a copy of Triagis!


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