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We’re proud to announce that Triagis can now officially log all IP addresses of your legit visitors AND your not so legit visitors. With our plugin you can easily spot those that might try to harm your site

Log and Block IP’s

Let’s take a quick look at how we log IP addresses with our plugin.

As you can see, the plugin not only logs IP’s, it can also actively block them:
Log and Block IP's

Take A Close Look At User Agents

Next on the list, you can see the actual user-agent. If you see some strange user-agents like Nikto, python, crawler, spider, Attack, L33t or similar agents then you may want to block those addresses immediately. Triagis makes it extremly easy to do that!

User Agents

Log IP’s Of Logged In Users!

It’s not rare that you work with multiple people on a blog – but do you trust them all? Wouldn’t it be nice to see who logged in from what IP right on your admin dashboard? We’ve got that cover! We log all IP’s, timestamps and more:

Wordpress Admin Backend IP Log

Our premium version of Triagis can do all of that and more – for a full feature tour visit this page

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